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Aquatic Invertebrate Surveys

Aquatic Invertebrate Surveys

Abrehart Ecology is very experienced in collecting and identifying aquatic invertebrate samples. We have worked with government bodies, developers, and charitable organisations to monitor the health of watercourses prior to, and following, restoration works. 

We have worked on projects on grazing marshes, shingle lagoons (surveying for Nematostella vectensis), streams, lakes, estuaries, and rivers. Aquatic invertebrates are extremely valuable indicators of aquatic system health and populations/species diversity can highlight pollution incidents and subtle ongoing changes in water chemistry, such as gradual increases in salinity.

Aquatic invertebrate surveys could be necessary if you are planning on impacting watercourses as part of developments or planning habitat restoration. These surveys can be undertaken year-round; however, it is best practice to perform three separate site visits – taking in spring months, summer months, and autumn months. This provides an accurate assessment of the species assemblage within the watercourse and can ensure more species of interest are recorded.

Taxonomy is carried out in-house, within our laboratory. Should specialist identification be required for families of invertebrates, then samples are sent away and analysed by industry-renowned entomologists.

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