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Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG)

Why are BNG surveys performed?

BNG is an approach, brought in by DEFRA in 2019, which aims to increase biodiversity and measure that increased, following development. Most developments will need to have a minimum increase in BNG by 10% with the exact increase being decided by your respective local planning authority (LPA).

The Biodiversity Metric is used to measure BNG. This is a calculation which takes into account the habitat size, condition, distinctiveness, and strategic significance.

When do I need to have a BNG survey?

Following a two-year implementation period set out by the Government in 2021, mandatory BNG is expected to be in place in the winter of 2023, in England.

This means that any development after the decided date will need to comply.

BNG is offered currently for developers to get ahead.

What does Abrehart Ecology offer?

At Abrehart Ecology we offer professional, skilled, and efficient BNG work. We are a pioneering ecology consultancy, getting ahead of competitors in order to provide a BNG service before the planned implementation date.

Further information about BNG can be found here.

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