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Great Crested Newt Survey

Great Crested Newt Survey

Great crested newts (GCN) are amphibians which use water and land at different points in their life cycle. As a strictly protected species under EU law, any proposed development with suitable habitat within up to 500m of a pond may require GCN surveys. These can be undertaken between March and June and therefore are best planned in advance.

Great Crested Newt

• GCN surveys entail between four and six visits to each waterbody ecologically connected to the proposed development site. Each visit uses three methods to search for GCN; these are usually inspecting submerged vegetation for GCN eggs during daylight, nocturnal search for GCN using a high powered torch, and the use of ‘funnel traps’ during the day or night to catch and count GCN.

• Where the species is confirmed present and will potentially be impacted by a proposal, a Natural England European Protected Species Mitigation Licence is required.

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