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Habitat Management

Habitat Management

Our ecologists are trained and qualified in using a variety of tools and machinery to help our clients maintain and manage vegetation, as part of mitigation required for protected species and to enhance areas of land for biodiversity gains. 

Vegetation Clearance: We use brushcutters and chainsaws to reduce and manage dense vegetation growth. Our ecologists check for protected species (such as reptiles and nesting birds) prior to work and stay vigilant throughout the clearance to identify any hazards or animals which may need protecting. We can also provide experienced Ecological Clerks of Work (ECoW) to supervise large scale clearance using flails. 

Pond Creation: We are experienced in designing and creating ponds that are required as part of GCN mitigation licences and wildlife friendly ponds for conservation projects or gardens. 

Habitat Creation: Features can be added to your site to enhance shelter, hibernation, and breeding opportunities for many groups of animals. We can create hibernacula suitable for reptiles and amphibians, otter holts, artificial badger setts, and hand-made bat and bird boxes. 

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Wildlife Fencing

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Pond Creation / Design

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Vegetation Clearance

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Habitat Creation

Habitat Management | Suffolk

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