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Hazel Dormouse Survey

Why are hazel dormice surveyed?

Hazel dormice are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and are a European protected species under Annex IV of the European Habitats Directive. Therefore, it’s imperative that surveys are carried out to monitor their populations and ensure their continued protection.

When do I need to have a hazel dormouse survey?

If a site provides suitable habitat or evidence of dormice, which may be impacted by a proposal, presence or likely absence of this species must be established. They favour deciduous woodland, hedgerows and scrub.

Surveys can be carried out throughout spring and summer but the months of May, August and September are optimal.

What does Abrehart Ecology offer?

At Abrehart Ecology we offer professional, skilled, and efficient dormouse survey work. We undertake in-house fieldwork and expert report writing, with our employees.

Hazel Dormouse Survey
Hazel Dormouse Footprints

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