Birdsong and Calls Course | Suffolk
birdsong and calls course

Birdsong and Calls Course

This course is suitable for keen amateur bird watchers and professional ecologists looking to advance their bird song and call identification for Preliminary Ecological Appraisals, Nesting Bird Surveys, and Breeding Bird Surveys. Toby Abrehart is a very experienced ornithologist who has conducted bird surveys and led guided holidays across Europe, Central America, and Africa. On this course, Toby can help you identify songs and calls of our resident birds and migrant species visiting the UK during the breeding season.

Course outcomes:
• Identification of resident and migrant bird song.
• Identification of resident and migrant bird calls.
• Planning and carrying out Breeding Bird Surveys.
• Understanding BTO coding for bird species and activity for accurate and concise mapping.

Venue: Abrehart Ecology Ltd, Bridge Farm, Friday Street, Brandeston, Suffolk, IP13 7BP.

Call 01728 684362 / 07798 941555 or email here

Birdsong and Bird Call Course | Suffolk