Reptile Handling Course | Suffolk
reptile handling course

Reptile Handling (including Adder)

This course is suitable for professional ecologists who will be carrying out reptile translocations and have limited reptile handling experience. During the course you will learn how to safely handle common snakes and lizard species within the UK – including the UK’s only venomous snake, the adder. The course will be led by Duncan Sweeting, a very experienced herpetologist who has worked on reptile and amphibian projects in Europe, East Africa, and Central America.

Course outcomes:
• Understanding the ecology and habitat requirements of widespread and common UK reptile species.
• Understanding the legislation protecting widespread and common reptiles in the UK.
• Identifying habitat suitable for reptiles and planning surveys and translocations.
• Identifying common and widespread species, sex, and life stage, during surveys.
• Experience of safely handling UK reptiles (including adder) to ensure both the surveyor and animals are unharmed.

Venue: Abrehart Ecology Ltd, Bridge Farm, Friday Street, Brandeston, Suffolk, IP13 7BP.

Call 01728 684362 / 07798 941555 or email here

Reptile Handling Course | Suffolk