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Specialist Protected Species Survey

Specialist Protected Species Survey

Abrehart Ecology has the ability to survey and provide detailed mitigation for both commonly encountered protected species (such as bats and badgers) and more unusual species that are associated with specialist habitats. 

The team holds survey licences that allow for the survey and disturbance of a wide range of rare and protected mollusc species, as well as several other species of aquatic invertebrates.

Abrehart Ecology has become a leading surveyor for Roman snails (Helix pomatia), Desmoulin’s whorl snail (Vertigo moulinsiana), narrow-mouthed whorl snail (Vertigo angustior), and little whirlpool ramshorn snails (Anisus vorticulus). We are currently trialling pioneering translocation studies for Anisus vorticulus and are the lead surveyors for this species as part of the RSPB’s Back from the Brink project at Pulborough Brooks. 

Surveys for Roman snails can be carried out year-round; however, surveys in summer months (when the snails are not hibernating) are most effective. In winter months, surveys are based around finding shells of dead animals or finding hibernating animals. Surveys for other rare molluscs can be carried out at any time of year. 

Desmoulin’s Whorl Snail
Whorl Snail
Little Whirpool  Ramshorn Snail
Little Whirpool 
Ramshorn Snail
Narrow Mouthed  Whorl Snail
Narrow Mouthed 
Whorl Snail
Norfolk Hawker
Roman Snail
Geophysical Badger  Sett Mapping
Geophysical Badger 
Sett Mapping

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Specialist Protected Species Survey | Suffolk