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Intertidal and Marine Invertebrate Surveys

Surveying intertidal and marine invertebrates is crucial for understanding the health of coastal ecosystems and the impacts of human activities on these environments. These provide valuable data for conservation efforts and management decisions.



Why are intertidal and marine invertebrates surveyed?

Intertidal habitats are crucial for many of the UK’s rare species, such as wading birds, which makes monitoring them highly important.


The invertebrates found within intertidal zones are often monitored to record the health of the habitat as a whole, as they are good indicators of habitat change, pollution or changing salinity.


When do I need to have an intertidal or marine invertebrate survey?

An intertidal or marine invertebrate survey may be required when planning on impacting habitat close to, or on the shoreline or intertidal environment such as a saltmarsh, estuary, or salt-water lagoon.

These surveys can be undertaken year-round with the only limiting factor being weather events, storm surges and high tide.

Alternatively, invertebrate surveys may be carried out on behalf of governing bodies, charitable organisations, or landowners in order to monitor habitat improvements, conservation measures, or track populations.

Saline lagoon worm
Boat on estuary shore

What does Abrehart Ecology offer?

At Abrehart Ecology we offer professional, skilled, and efficient invertebrate survey work. We undertake in-house fieldwork, and expert report writing.

We have worked with a wide range of clients, such as government bodies, developers, and charitable organisations in order to monitor the health of intertidal environments prior to, and following, restoration works. Our work includes projects on estuaries, salt marshes, saltwater lagoons, and beaches.

Sorting through samples and picking out specimens is carried out in-house, within our laboratory. Samples are sent away and analysed by industry-renowned taxonomists for specialist identification.


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