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Other Services

At Abrehart Ecology we provide expert, specialist knowledge on rarely studied, and often overlooked species that are associated with specialist habitats.

Newt fencing around a site

Wildlife Fencing

At Abrehart Ecology we deliver skilled and efficient wildlife fencing solutions. We have experience in great crested newt, reptile and water vole fencing in order to exclude and protect these species from devlopment sites.

Habitat Creation and Management

We have expeirence creating habitat for a wide range of species including:

We also help maintain existing habitats through site clearnace and maintenance utilising our employee's brush cutting, chainsaw and woodchipper licences.

Artificial badger sett created by Abrehart Ecology
Person ECoWing a digger

Ecological Clerks of Work (ECoW)

Ecological clerks of work are professionals who ensure that construction projects are carried out in an environmentally responsible manner. They oversee the implementation of ecological plans and ensure that all legal requirements are met.

Abrehart Ecology offers years of ECoW experience on both small and large devloment projects with a variety of clients.

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